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Impacted Wisdom Teeth in Corinth, TX

Woman smiling after getting her wisdom teeth removed from Loretto Family Dentistry in Corinth, TXWisdom teeth are the third and the last set of molars that you can find at the back of your mouth and make the last set of permanent teeth that most people get between the ages of 18 and 25. While most people have wisdom teeth, it is common for individuals not to develop wisdom teeth.

What are Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

An impacted wisdom tooth is a wisdom tooth that doesn't have enough space to break through your gums. As a result, an impacted wisdom tooth is either stuck under the gum line or grows horizontally, causing pressure on your entire oral cavity. Since impacted wisdom teeth do not grow appropriately, they are more prone to tooth decay and lead to pain and other dental complications.

Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

An impacted wisdom tooth may not always show severe symptoms. However, in case of an infection, you may experience a few signs that can allow you to identify an impacted wisdom tooth. Moreover, if you schedule a regular dental checkup at Loretto Family Dentistry, our experienced dentists can also help identify an impacted wisdom tooth and recommend appropriate treatment promptly.

Some of the symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth include:

•  Bad breath
•  Jaw pain
•  Tender, swollen, or bleeding gums
•  Difficulty in opening the mouth
•  Unpleasant taste in the oral cavity

While some of the symptoms may subside within a few days, they will persist until the impacted wisdom tooth is removed from the oral cavity. As soon as you experience any of the symptoms, it is best to schedule an appointment with Loretto Family Dentistry. Our professional team of experts will identify the exact problem and offer medical advice, depending upon your needs.

Possible Complications That an Impacted Wisdom Tooth Can Cause

An impacted wisdom tooth can lead to multiple serious complications in the oral cavity. Some of the possible complications that can be a result of an impacted wisdom tooth include:

•  Damage to other molars and teeth
•  Increased pressure on the oral cavity can lead to crowding
•  Increased risk of infection
•  Gum disease
•  Formation of cyst that can damage the teeth, nerves, and jawbone

Diagnosing Impacted Wisdom Teeth

If you visit our dental office with any of the symptoms mentioned above, we can determine the possibility of an impacted wisdom tooth by examining your oral cavity and taking an X-ray of your mouth. The X-ray will give a clear picture as to what extent your wisdom tooth is impacted. It will also give an idea of whether the impacted wisdom tooth has damaged the bones or teeth.

Treating an Impacted Wisdom Tooth

In case of minor concerns caused by an impacted wisdom tooth, we often recommend our patients maintain good oral hygiene and resort to pain-relieving medications. However, in case of a more seriously impacted wisdom tooth, extraction is often the usual treatment. Depending on the location of the impacted wisdom tooth, the removal procedure can take anywhere between five minutes to half an hour. While it may sound like a scary procedure, it is a routine method to ease pain and discomfort associated with an impacted wisdom tooth.

To learn more about pain-free wisdom tooth extraction, get in touch with us today.
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Impacted Wisdom Teeth Corinth, TX | Loretto Family Dentistry
An impacted wisdom tooth may not show severe symptoms. In case of an infection, you may experience signs that can allow you to identify an impacted wisdom tooth.
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