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Digital Radiography

Digital radiography on an iPadWhen it comes to digital radiography, we at Loretto Family Dentistry are your reliable experts. We have welcomed the many advantages of dental digital radiography as compared to the traditional film-based x-rays. Sometimes the cost of digital radiography and the trouble of training personnel may deter practitioners from upgrading to digital radiography. Not our case. All our specialists are trained to use state-of-the-art digital radiography equipment to give you a more precise diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.

Why We Use Digital Radiography

The use of digital dental radiography comes with many advantages. Unlike the conventional film-based x-rays, digital radiographs allow us and you to immediately view the dental images. This is extremely useful, especially when we perform surgical procedures such as dental implants.

Digital radiographs have enhanced images. We can magnify images for easier reading and precise analysis of manifesting dental issues. Also, because of their precision, digital radiographs do not require retakes due to failed focus on details. This protects our patients from extended exposure to radiation. Overall, digital radiology saves the patient up to 80% of the amount of radiation they would be exposed to when film-based radiology is done.

With digital radiology, we can easily store data in computers and other digital devices for future reference, consultation with our other experts, and general case follow-up. Because digital radiographs are easy to read and manipulate, our professionals can educate our patients about their dental status while demonstrating on the images, something otherwise difficult with the old x-rays. This gives our patients more trust in our treatment plan.

We believe that the advantages of using digital radiology outweigh the high cost of equipment. Digital radiography equipment defines the two major types of digital radiography.

Types of Digital Radiography

Digital radiography uses sensors to capture images of your teeth and other oral structures. The types of radiography are defined based on the position of the sensor, either intraoral or extraoral radiographs.

When we do intraoral radiographs we place the sensor inside the patient’s mouth to focus on a certain area of the dental structure. Intraoral radiographs can be Bitewings when the patient bites the sensor to allow our specialist to capture images of their crowns and notice dental carries. They can also be Periapicals when they target posterior or anterior teeth to take images of the tooth root and the surrounding bone. We use these radiographs to determine the invisible causes of your tooth pain. Occlusals are radiographs that target the skeletal anatomy of your palate or the floor of your mouth and are excellent in noticing oral anomalies such as abnormally placed teeth. We use specific equipment for intraoral radiographs including phosphor plate systems, digital sensors, and digital x-ray units.

With extraoral radiographs, we use the sensor outside your mouth to generate whole images of your dental structures. The digital images machine rotates around your head to create a comprehensive image. Extraoral radiographs include Panoramic radiographs which show a curved image of your jaws and are optimal in revealing the overall status of your dentition and surrounding structures.

Cephalometric radiographs produce images of your skull and soft tissues, allowing us to plan procedures such as full mouth implant. Our equipment for extraoral radiographs includes the 2D x-ray units and the 3D x-ray units.

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Loretto Family Dentistry has welcomed the many advantages of dental digital radiography as compared to the traditional film-based x-rays. Call us at (940) 287-3535.
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