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Dental Crown
Corinth, TX

Rendering of jaw with dental crown from Loretto Family DentistryAt Loretto Family Dentistry, we’re glad to help you keep your natural smile with our cosmetic and restorative crowns. When a tooth is weak, decayed, or damaged, it’s highly likely to get damaged further. If not secured with a suitable material, the tooth ultimately falls out and creates a space in the mouth cavity. Our dentists use dental restorations like crowns to restore the function and form of natural teeth, as well as prevent further damage.

They choose a specific kind of restoration depending on the needs of the patient and the severity of the damage. Crowns are a few of the types of restorations which protect natural teeth. It’s a cap that shields the severely damaged or weak natural tooth. Have a damaged or decayed tooth which hurts each time you have something sweet? Have a stained tooth? Call us to set up a consultation and meet one of our dentists. Our restorative treatment can help you save your decayed/damaged tooth.

Dental Crown Candidates

A crown is used to completely repair, restore, and strengthen the noticeable upper part of your tooth (also known as the crown). After a crown is placed, your tooth can fully regain its function, absorb your bite’s full pressure, and prevent further destruction to its structure. Normally, a custom-made dental crown helps address problems like fractured teeth, teeth with bits broken off them, lost teeth (when held in place by dental implants), teeth that appear too small, teeth with serious blemishes, and teeth that have undergone root canal therapy, etc.

The Crowning Procedure

When you visit us, our dentist carries out a thorough examination of your decayed or damaged tooth. If your tooth is decayed, the dentist removes the infected part completely and recommends suitable treatment (root canal treatment is recommended if your pulp is infected). Before restoring your tooth with a crown, our dentist will ask you a few questions about your preferences. We’ve got different kinds of crowns in our office. You’ll choose a particular type depending on your preferences and the tooth being restored. The restoration takes more than one appointment.

The first step in crown placement is preparing the natural tooth. We do this to create room for capping the dental crown. We numb the tooth with a local anesthetic and use different kinds of tools to trim the tooth. We take impressions of your prepared tooth and place a temporary crown, which covers your natural tooth until your next appointment. We then create a permanent crown in the lab and keep it in our office.

During your second visit, our dentist takes out the temporary crown and checks if the permanent crown fits. Once it fits, they clean your teeth and bond the permanent crown in place. They then discuss proper maintenance of crown with you. The crown should last for at least 8 years.

Have a damaged or decayed tooth which hurts whenever you eat a sweet treat? Have a stained or discolored tooth? Make sure to contact us at Loretto Family Dentistry at (940) 287-3535 to set up a dental crowns consultation.
Love everyone I've encountered here! I was told about Dr. Mackie a few months ago and just wish I'd known about her sooner! She is very thorough and kind. It's a bit of a drive for me, but I don't mind and actually look forward to my visits!

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Dental Crown Corinth, TX | Loretto Family Dentistry
Have a damaged or decayed tooth which hurts whenever you eat? Have a stained or discolored tooth? Call us to set up a dental crowns consultation at (940) 287-3535.
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