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Dental Bridge
Corinth, TX

Rendering of jaw with dental bridge from Loretto Family DentistryAt Loretto Family Dentistry, we can restore teeth that have fallen out, or become damaged or infected. Made of natural materials that have the same color as teeth, a bridge looks just like a real tooth. It’s used to bridge the gap between surrounding teeth, thereby replacing a badly decayed or missing tooth. A bridge features a tooth filler (pontic) and is fitted to two nearby teeth using dental crowns.

You can suffer adverse effects if you don’t address your missing tooth. Leaving gaps in your mouth can make several teeth move and shift, which may cause biting problems (occlusion) or TMJ jaw problems. Gum disease (periodontal issues) can also happen at the location of the surrounding and missing teeth. Having our dentist treat your badly decayed or missing tooth is vital to preventing any additional complications.

Bridge Procedure

Before receiving a bridge, you’ll meet our dentist who’ll assess your oral health, examine your issues, and decide whether a dental bridge is right for you. Once they confirm you are fit for a bridge, they’ll prepare your nearby teeth on both sides of the gap for crown placement.

If necessary, they can use a local anesthetic in this step to make the treatment more comfortable. Then they’ll take your teeth’s impressions and send them to an advanced lab for your dental bridge to be created. After creating the bridge, our dentist will expertly fit the bridge between your two adjacent teeth, making sure it fits comfortably in your bite and looks natural. They’ll then securely cement the bridge in place with long-lasting porcelain dental crowns.

Candidates for Bridges

Dental bridges are appropriate for people who’ve lost up to three teeth in a row. It’s necessary for our dentist to confirm good oral and overall health. Periodontal disease can threaten the long-term advantages of a dental bridge. If you’ve got gum disease, we’ll treat you for it before moving ahead with bridge treatment.

Since a bridge requires a secure foundation, it’s vital to have healthy and strong natural teeth on both sides of your bridge. If you prefer an implant-supported bridge that uses dental implants, we’ll carry out a thorough exam to check if you have sufficient bone density to hold little implant posts and anchor the larger restoration.

Dental Bridge Cost

The cost of dental bridges varies based on how many artificial teeth (pontics) make up the bridge. In general, the cost can range between $500 and $1,200 per pontic. Factors that can affect the overall cost include the material that’s used to make the bridge, the method used to build your dental bridge, the method used to fit the bridge (crown-supported vs. implant-supported), and the complexity of the treatment plan.

Dental bridge treatment prices may also vary by the skill of a dentist and geographic location. Ultimately, our dental team will give you a customized quote when we’ve worked out your treatment plan in a consultation.

To learn loads more about our bridge treatment, feel free to get in contact with Loretto Family Dentistry at (940) 287-3535 today to set up a consultation.
Love everyone I've encountered here! I was told about Dr. Mackie a few months ago and just wish I'd known about her sooner! She is very thorough and kind. It's a bit of a drive for me, but I don't mind and actually look forward to my visits!

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Visit to learn more about our dental bridge procedures and feel free to get in contact with Loretto Family Dentistry today to set up a consultation at (940) 287-3535
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